Things to do in Pensacola with kids

Top 12 Fun Things to do in Pensacola with Kids

Pensacola is famous for its perfect Honor-winning beaches and emerald green waters.

It is a renowned travel objective among voyagers inferable from its loosening up and quiet nature, heavenly oceanfront cuisine, and thrilling waterworks.

In any case, the city offers more that might be of some value than basically grand beaches. It parades a rich history which traveler can find more about by visiting different show lobbies spread out across the city. 

We have gathered for you a part of the best things to do in Pensacola with kids to help you with getting everything going.

Pensacola has intriguing art and social inheritance. You will investigate it by researching the city, helping out the pleasant neighbourhood & individuals, and visiting art shows.

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If you are traveling alone, with buddies, family, or a companion or relative, Pensacola will give you memories for everyone. You will have an experience that lasts for a lifetime.

Summary of 12 Top Things to do in Pensacola with kids

To help you decide on what to do when you travel to Pensacola, I have assembled fun things to do in Pensacola with kids, friends, and family. This summary will ensure that you outperform this city and make your trip profitable.

1. Gigantic Lagoon State Park

Park in Florida
[See Map]
Address: 12301 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States
Phone: +1 850-492-1595
Pensacola is notable for its shocking ocean side. The Big Lagoon State Park is one of the ocean-side attractions that add to its approval.

It is after a significant lagoon that detaches the focal region from the Gulf of Mexico.

To do for kids

From following regular life to climbing, this site has something for everyone.

Participate in a hop-on its terrific nature trails as you lookout for more than 23 bird species. Traveling, swimming, paddling, and fishing are available.

If you love camping out, this is the right unbiased to go.

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2. Pensacola Mess Hall

Science museum in Pensacola, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 418 E Wright St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States
Phone: +1 877-937-6377
Pensacola Mess hall is probably among the best things to do in Pensacola with kids. 

To go out to Pensacola with your children yet are questionable where to take them for amusement, this is the best area.

Pensacola Mess Hall is a science exhibition that allows its guests to investigate like genuine scientists, mathematicians, and modeller.

To do for kids

It is a horseplay place for yourself and your kids to contribute energy. It’s involved drawing in a way to deal with instructing kids.

3. Flounder’s Chowder House

Seafood restaurant in Pensacola
[See Map]
Address: 800 Quietwater Beach Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561, United States
Phone: +1 850-932-4653
At the point when you join insight and eating, the result is Flounder’s Chowder House. It is a seaside bar and restaurant arranged in Gulf Breeze.

To do for kids

Participate in an example of Pensacola’s coastline food from the restaurant’s collection of seafood.

Kids have a pirate ship playground where they can engage in great explanation works out.

Examine the property to see a significant Cuban barge that took 27 evacuees from Cuba to Key West.

4. Public Naval Aviation Museum

Museum in Florida
[See Map]
Address: 1750 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508, United States
Phone: +1 850-452-8450
The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is home to one of the most visited museums in Florida and is among the top fun things to do in Pensacola with kids.

All ages show feature REAL striking planes, stand-out records, attires, and exact models that show America’s Naval history in shining quality.

To do for kids

The family practices happen at the Naval Aviation Museum, with many attractions.

Besides, we shouldn’t neglect to recall the Cubi Bar Cafe, a radiant diner and duplicate of the notable Cubi Point Officers Club.

Affirmation is FREE to the Naval Aviation Museum, which achieves a humble and extraordinary family-fun day in Pensacola Beach, FL.

5. Pensacola Children’s Museum

Children's museum in Pensacola, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 115 Zaragoza St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States
Phone: +1 850-595-1559
This adolescents’ verifiable focus spotlights the authentic scenery of the area.

That suggests kids will learn about everything from Pensacola’s strategic history to the status quo impacted by the enveloping sea.

To do for kids

Involved practices for the kids integrate the STEAM-focused Brick Makerspace. They moreover have kid-obliging events like storytime.

6. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Amusement center in Brent, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 5007 N Davis Hwy Unit 8A, Pensacola, FL 32503, United States
Phone: +1 850-378-2570
Sky zone is among those things to do in Pensacola with kids that give your family flies through the air access a collection of ways. 

Accepting that sports are your thing, you can get trampolines with shooting groups.

To do for kids

To guarantee a fragile landing, endeavor the foam pit. For the most free-form experience, the floor and divider room is the best methodology.

7. Fast Eddies Fun Center

Amusement center in Brent, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 505 W Michigan Ave, Pensacola, FL 32505, United States
Phone: +1 850-433-7735
This amusement center offers go-karts and batting limits and is one of the best things to do in Pensacola with kids.

To do for kids

There are more modest than ordinary fairway features nine holes and many surprises. They also incorporate an arcade where you can acquire passes to win prizes. They also offer ice cream and fried perfect decisions.

8. Perdido Beach

Things to do in Pensacola with kids
[See Map]
Perdido seaside has comparative sugar-white sands as Pensacola Beach and has various comforts like designs, picnic areas, clean restrooms, and extraordinary adequate halting.

There are many mind-boggling restaurants, shopping spots, and horseplay districts.

To do for kids

The kids will Love this horseplay seaside spot. You can rent a stream ski or Waverunner, go fishing, parasailing, and visit an arcade.

Perdido Key has a couple of entertainment districts. It is home to the Gulf Islands National Seashore, where you can find a few great shells and maybe see several normal life animals, for instance, sea turtles, gulls, dim foxes, blue herons, and fundamentally more.

You may similarly have to take a gander at the nature trails.

9. Bouncy House

Indoor playground in the Ferry Pass, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 6241 N Davis Hwy suite d, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States
Phone: +1 850-417-4692
Indoor wilderness rec center in the Ferry Pass, Florida the Ferry Pass, Florida

It is an incredibly wonderful organised indoor play place with fun things to do in Pensacola with kids.

To do for kids

This spot packs an extraordinary arrangement in its space like beast inflatable slides, bounce moonwalks, inflatable ball court, inflatable soccer kick, and football throw zone, PC games, goliath blocks, foam 3D square pit, young person playhouses, magnet sheets, light splendid creation sheets, goliath interface four, birthday festivity rooms, serving rewards and food assortments additionally. 

There are so many youngster and child interest things in this spot it can keep your small kid involved for quite a while.

Things to both test their capacities, separate them, and work their inventive psyche.

10. Chuck E. Cheese

Pizza restaurant in pensacola
[See Map]
Address: 7350 Plantation Rd, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States
Phone: +1 850-476-7727
This spot is for kid fun with numerous clowning around games and indoor rides that the infants in your everyday presence will delight in.

To do for kids

You can eat, wreck around, ride rides and participate in the various video screens of fun music accounts, youngster’s shows, and crazy parody cuts from the characters. 

We have known to love Chuck E. Cheddar, Munch, Pasquale, and the rest of the Chuck E Cheese force. Many games give passes to trade for phenomenal honors.

The staff and the chiefs are agreeable, valuable, and thoughtful. They also have one-of-a-kind necessities and mental lopsidedness exceptional playtime for those with material issues every Sunday.

11. Perdido Kids Park

Park in Pensacola, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 10004 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States
Phone: +1 850-475-5220
This stand-apart fun kids park that children can appreciate.

This park is among the great things to do in Pensacola with kids with its clowning around climbing apexes and swings, tubes, slides, tire swings, and family swings, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

To do for kids

There are kids’ play zones with their course of action of uncommon necessities swings and other fun wilderness rec center rides and activities. It is open to rent for gatherings and deals with a fair district with outside tables.

This spot even has an alternate nature trail stayed aware of by the scouts that are a silliness side development as you walk around the hid tree cover tracking down the local flora and fauna.

12. Sam’s Fun City

[See Map]
Address: 6709 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505, United States
Phone: +1 850-505-0800
This spot is among the phenomenal things to do in Pensacola with kids and the whole family, especially if you come during the more blazing season when the water park is open. 

They have a very cool park with a lazy stream around most of the diversion region. 

You can float for a seriously prolonged time.

To do for kids

There is a kid slide and pool sprinkle pool zone with various cute arranged water characters like a crocodile slide, an elephant slide, a little water slide, and water squirters.

There is one more incredible advanced slide district with three delicate slides for all ages.  

A colossal swimming area is also there that leads into a segment where you can endeavor to keep your balance by crossing the pool on floating pads with ropes to help you from falling.

Inside Sams, you have a remarkable climbing play zone and a magnificent indoor arcade giving tickets to most games.

There are similar pool tables and PC games. A singing karaoke recording corner, a train, downsized golf range, two respectable go-kart tracks, a Ferris wheel, incline a twist, frog jumps, monitor boats, and other horseplay rides and activities.

Where to Stay In Pensacola

I created an entire blog passage focused on the move away from the rental we used called ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. 

We valued having an apartment suite with a room and inborn lofts for the kids to use, a kitchen for setting up our food and saving some money, and an agreeable parlor for watching films in the evening.

We were adventures from the seaside and had a warm pool to use whenever we wanted. It was on Perdido Key, but we esteemed the congruity and quiet of being in a far-off region.

We were on a comparable road as the section to Gulf Islands National Seashore, so if you’re a National Park-loving family, this is a staggering spot to remain.

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